Airports to/from Alpha Specialist Centre

To get to our medical centre from KLIA or KLIA2, there are 3 types of taxi services available ie. Coupon Taxi, Metered Taxi and Premier Taxi.  Once you have made your payment for the taxi services, you can proceed to exit or as instructed by the counter staff.

Note: If you take the taxi between 11:30pm to 6:00am, there will be an additional 50% fare surcharge.   

Coupon Taxi

Proceed to the booking counter and inform them your destination. A coupon will be issued to you after payment. Proceed to the indicated “door number” to exit. Take note of the red coloured budget taxis as guided by the officers. Pass the coupon to the taxi driver and he/she will drive you to your destination. The Tip is normally not necessary and it is subject to your perusal.

Metered Taxi

Proceed to the metered taxi counter and buy a coupon. Pass the coupon to the taxi driver and PLEASE ENSURE that the taxi meter starts running from your location. Your final taxi fare is based on your destination as per the display. Toll charges will be additional charges.

Premier Taxi

These are the ‘Blue’ taxis that are more expensive if compared to the budget ones, generally costing you almost double the amount of a normal price budget taxi. These taxis are slightly bigger than the common ones and they are always available. If you have the budget, premier taxis are more comfortable for large families or if you are with many pieces of luggage.

At any airport, there will be many unauthorized taxi drivers soliciting customers. These drivers will often approach you and ask if you would like a taxi. Please do not fall for their tricks as they will charge hefty amount compared to the normal.  You can always proceed to the information counters to ask about transportation options. 

If you get a taxi from the airport or anywhere around Kuala Lumpur, please ensure that the taxi meter is switched on. It is best to make sure you that you have enough notes to pay for the trip as taxi drivers often don’t carry a lot of change.

Shuttle Bus

There is a shuttle bus operating at KLIA 2 terminal. Sky Bus takes you directly to 1-Utama Shopping Mall, which is located 10 minutes from our medical centre.

You can either buy the ticket online when you book your Air Asia flights or at the booths near the Arrival Hall.

Once you are at the shopping complex, you can take a taxi to our medical centre.

For more info, please refer to the link below: