Diabetes is a serious and chronic metabolic disease affecting blood glucose (sugar) levels that can lead to blindness, heart disease, nerve damage, kidney failure, amputations and even death. It is non-communicable diseases (NCD) having alarming increase among Malaysians every year. Therefore, it is very essential to consult a doctor in the early stage of the diabetes itself.

Treatments & Procedures:
The Diabetic Care Services at Alpha Specialist Centre offers a comprehensive approach to diabetes treatment, also helping children and adults of own health together with diabetic patients to achieve and maintain good control of their condition.

Clinical Services:-

  • Patient assessment for diagnoses, treatments, and diabetic guide care.
  • Identification of “pre-diabetes” to prevent before the disease becomes severe.
  • Diabetes advisor to help you better manages your diabetes.
  • Diabetic Foot or Wound screening
    o Assessment of diabetic foot/wound
    o Treatment of diabetic foot/wound problems.

Our Specialties

Datin Paduka Dr. Santha Kumari

Senior Consultant Physician