Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Medicine Centre

Our Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation aims to identify and address impairment, functional disabilities and to promote active participation in order to a positive recovery for better quality of life. Our dedicated physiotherapist with qualified experience is here to assist you.

  1. Physical Therapists: trained professionals assist in restoring strength, mobility, balance and function, minimizing pain and inflammation as much as possible.
  2. Occupational Therapists: trained professionals guiding patients to adapt to the daily chores themselves, such as eating, dressing, and bathing.
  3. Speech Therapists: professionals will assist in overcoming speech and cognitive disorders and assist patients to regain their ability to communicate.

From basic therapies to complex integrated rehabilitative programmes, our trained professionals will provide appropriate treatment programmes that are best-suited for our patients’ special and differing needs.

Service Hours

Our professionals are available on appointment basis. Please contact 03 – 6141 8533 to schedule an appointment.

Our Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre is located on the Ground Floor.