1. All Package(s) & service pricing on the Website are offered subject to availability. No requests for refunds, cancellation, or exchanges of any kind will be entertained, unless;

  • Multiple times debiting of Customer’s Card/Bank Account due to technical error OR Customer’s account being debited with excess amount in a single transaction due to technical error. In such cases, excess amount excluding Payment Gateway charges would be refunded to the Customer.

      Package(s) purchased & payment done shall be redeemable only for the services specified, and shall only be available for redemption as mentioned according to the stated                              deadline.


2. Package(s) purchased& online transaction cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash, cannot be combined with any other Voucher, discount or promotional offer unless otherwise specified.


3. Company assumes no responsibility and shall incur no liability if it is unable to affect any Payment Instruction(s) on the Payment Date owing to any one or more of the following circumstances:

  • If the Payment Instruction(s) issued by you is/are incomplete, inaccurate, and invalid and delayed.
  • If the Payment Account has insufficient funds/limits to cover for the amount as mentioned in the Payment Instruction(s).
  • If the funds available in the Payment Account are under any encumbrance or charge.
  • If your Bank delays honouring the Payment Instruction(s)
  • Circumstances beyond the control of Company (including, but not limited to, fire, flood, natural disasters, bank strikes, power failure, systems failure like computer or telephone lines breakdown due to an unforeseeable cause or interference from an outside force).

4. All services redeemable by Package(s) purchased & services provided are subject to availability. The Hospital does not guarantee that the purchased services are redeemable at your preferred date and time.

5. A representation on the Site that services will be available over a range of dates does not preclude you from being required to make an appointment to redeem the services. Appointments must be made at least 3 days in advance.

6. The Hospital reserves the right to cancel and reschedule your appointment or booking. Except as required by law, the Hospital will not be held liable for such events and are not liable to reimburse you for any travelling, accommodation or other loss or expenses suffered or incurred by you or any other person due to any cancelled or rescheduled appointment or booking.”