Why Us

At Alpha Specialist Centre , our Daycare specialist provides the practice of planned admission to provide Diagnostic and Therapeutic services within the day of admission. This would thus reduce hospital care cost (overnight stay) and improve clients relations by reducing surgical waiting time and brings to you cost savings and efficiency.

Quality Care at Lower Costs

In advanced societies, it has been estimated that 70 percent of medical and surgical procedures can be performed on a day care basis, There are no cross subsidy for expensive equipment and 24-hour operational costs.

Day care medical and surgical services are efficient, effective and economical. It provides convenience without compromising quality. It is a template for the exciting modern concept of ambulatory care which is to have your healthcare needs met without being admitted to the hospital.

What you will get are the Key Elements:

  • 22 experienced doctors >>  Click Here
  • 18 medical specialist clinics >>  Click Here
  • 16 bed for inpatients >>  Click Here
  • Over 40 panel of Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrators (TPA) >>  Click Here
  • Over 50 support teams including with trained Staff Nurses >>  Click Here

We offer Quality Care at lower costs, convenience, healthy environment and ambiance, minimal interruption to schedule – no superseding emergency cases and comprehensive Medical Specialist Centre.

What you will not get:

  • Long queues
  • High charges especially with hospitalization fees
  • Interruptions from medical emergencies

Convenience, Healthy Environment and Ambiance

Patients can go back to the comforts of their home environment after their tests or procedures without any delays due to ward or casualty emergencies.

Minimal interruption to schedule – no superseding emergency cases

There are shorter waiting times (no delays caused by emergency cases) and the centre is cozy and easy to get around. In that sense, it fulfills our objective towards an ‘Affordable Healthcare‘.

At Alpha Specialist Centre, we believe that your healthcare needs can be met on an entirely different level, and we look forward to be your life-long partners in health.